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Waboba Ball - The Ball That Bounces on Water

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The Waboba Ball literally bounces on water like a tennis ball bounces on concrete. Simply toss the Waboba on the water as if you were skimming a stone to achieve bounces as high as two meters. The Waboba Ball is brightly coloured and floats, so you don't need to worry about losing it in the ocean (or any other body of water). The tough Lycra covering ensures years of awesome water-bouncing fun.

The Waboba Ball features a medley of polyurethane innards with a Lycra wrapping. The polyurethane inside is what makes the ball bounce on water and the Lycra covering is what protects it from getting damaged. And like all good water toys, the Waboba floats. Combined with its bright orange colouring, you’re not going to lose the Waboba on an off the mark throw.

So what are you waiting for? Whip out your credit card and buy a couple for the summer holiday.


5.5 cm diameter
Bounce up to 2 meters off the water
Floats and is easily seen in water

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