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Thinking Putty Creatures

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Purchase while stocks last !! This very cool product is no longer manufactured, purchase now so you don't miss out!

Thinking Putty by itself is pretty darn amazing. There is one thing it lacks however; Personality! Well, not any more. 'Cos that's what Putty Creatures are all about. Every Putty comes with two high quality, fake eyes which really bring it to life. Squish, squeeze, fold and mould 'em into suitably cute or creepy monster/alien shapes, before your Putty Creature melts. Yes, melts, because Putty Creatures are made from a totally unique substance that holds its shape for only a few minutes. From masterpiece to blob in one afternoon? Absolutely!


Each tin comes with 60g of Putty
Comes with a set of plastic eyes
For ages 4+
Made in the USA

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Make it Cute or make it Creepy

You would have never thought that a handful of putty and some plastic eyes could entertain you for hours on end. Yet that is exactly what Putty Creatures do. For some reason making things that have personality is a heck of a lot of fun and since it is putty you have an unlimited number of shapes and faces you can design.


It Feels Different

Putty Creatures have a unique texture and feel very different from all the other Thinking Putty cousins. The reason why it feels different is because hundreds of tiny, little beads have been mixed into each putty. These beads give Putty Creatures a cool feel and they aid in stability so your putty creation won't 'melt' as fast.


I Can See, I Can See, I Can See

The two plastic eyes that come with each creature are high quality and very, very detailed. They have little storks on the back of them so you can easily stick them into your putty.

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