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Giant Inflatable Beach Ball - Stands 10 Feet Tall

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$140.00 USD

The Giant Inflatable Beach Ball will bring hours of massive, outdoor fun.

This beach ball dwarfs every other ball ever made and stands at a huge 10ft (3 meters)!  That’s about the same height as an elephant!  SAY WHAT!!!

The Giant Inflatable Beach Ball is made of super-durable vinyl and will hold up to whatever abuse you deal to it (within reason of course).  You can kick it, punch it, throw it, climb on it, float it and even punt it with your car!  We don't recommend this last one however, but hey, why not! 

The Giant Inflatable Beach Ball is great for events, parties or simply for having a mammoth amount of fun at the local park.  Think about it, you would totally own the park or beach with this thing!  However you want to play with it we guarantee one thing – seriously huge fun!

So, what are you waiting for!  Buy The Giant Inflatable Beach Ball now.


  • Weighs 14 pounds (6.3 kg).
  • Dimensions: 10' (3m) diameter when inflated!
  • Made from thick, tough plastic
  • Sturdy inflation plug with one-way top-off valve
  • Includes a small patch repair kit
  • Totally, Massively Huge

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