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Super Illusions Thinking Putty

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Super Illusion Thinking Putty is colour perfection at its best. Years of hard work in the putty lab to get the colour mixtures just right were worth it. This putty has an amazing shine which changes colour when light is shone on it from different angles. When we say, 'changes colour' we mean it REALLY does change colour - from bright purple to rich blue, or from a deep red to a dazzling yellow. Super Illusion Thinking Putty will have you playing with it for hours.

Super Illusion Thinking Putty (like all of Aaron's Thinking Putties) is made using silicone so it's completely non-toxic. It's a great fiddle-toy for kinaesthetic learners and comes with 90g of putty packed in its own tin.


Features & specs:

Contains 1/5 lb (90 g) of putty
Colours shift depending on angle of light
Stretch it, tear it and bounce it!
Cool memory effect
Made in the USA
For ages 5+


Bright and Bold

Super Illusion Thinking Putty displays an amazing colour show that you can mould, sculpture and fiddle with. It's like having your own handful of colours to play with.


Shifts Colour like you Change Clothes

The feature that really makes this Super Illusion Thinking Putty is its ability to shift colours. Depending on what angle the light source is hitting the putty it will show either a bright purple or dazzling blue (Super Scarab) a rich red or a golden yellow (Super Lava).

Check out the pictures below. Each line of three photos is the exact same putty in the exact same placement. The only thing that has changed is the direction of the light.


The Memory Effect

Super Illusion Thinking Putty can move all by itself. This cool phenomenon is called the memory effect. "What's the memory effect?" You may ask. Well, let me explain:

When you stretch this putty it will want to go back to its original state and retract. If you twist it, as in the picture below, the Super Illusion Thinking Putty will un-twist itself. The memory effect displayed in this putty is strong enough to defy gravity. If you give it a little stretch and hold it vertically the putty pulls itself up towards your hand. Totally cool!

Please note, this memory effect will last for about 5 seconds at a time.


The Moving Spiral

Another really cool/weird trick you can do with the Super Illusion Thinking Putty is to wind it into a spiral, like the picture below, and set it on a flat surface. Leave it for about 5 minutes and when you come back the putty will have contracted and grown in height. We are not really sure why it can do this, but it is pretty darn cool anyway.


Bounces, Rips and Stretches just like 'Regular' Putty

This super colourful putty is all about fun, fidgeting and play so of course it can bounce, rip and stretch just like it should.


Black When you Rip it

Even though Super Illusion Thinking Putty is probably the world's most colourful putty it has a dark side to it, literally. For some unexplainable reason when you flatten out and rip it, Super Illusion Thinking Putty appears jet black on the inside. Crazy, just crazy.

Don't worry though. This effect is not permanent, just stretch it again and the putty will be restored to its original colourful self. Yeah, pretty crazy!


Yet See-through When Stretched

When you rip it, it turns black, yet when you stretch it thin Super Illusion Thinking Putty will become transparent! Crazy right? Well, I guess that is why it's called Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.

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