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What is Pre-Ordering?

Simply Clever Toys Pre-Ordering is a nifty way for you to save money and for us to see how popular a product will be before we stock it.

How it Works

We put a product up on the website for you to pre-purchase. If we reached the preset minimum quantity in the designated time frame (usually 14 days) we'll order the product in and deliver it to you as soon as possible. The product will then be added to our range at full retail price. However, if the minimum is not reached we will refund your money in full at the end of the pre-order period and the product will not be sold by Simply Clever Toys.

The Advantages

Pre-Ordering - Buy together, save together

The neat thing about Pre-Ordering is that you will get products at a discounted price because you are willing to pre-order and buy together. You can save big bucks when you Pre-Order with us.

100% Money Back guarantee

If you have pre-purchased a product that fails to reach the preset target by the deadline then you will receive a full refund ASAP.

Why are we doing this?

It's a great way for us to offer all sorts of cool products that we find and let you decide if we should stock them or not. It really is a win/win situation. You get stuff cheaper and we see what will be popular.

P.S. When a Simply Clever Toys Pre-Order product is put up on our site it will be at the lowest price you will find anywhere. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to start Pre-Ordering today.