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Bandit Gun Pistol Pete

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Take rubber band warfare to the next level with Pistol Pete!  Build your very own rubber band pistol out of laser-cut plywood.  A fun and easy DIY project made in the USA.  No glue is required YAY!


The Pistol Pete Bandit Gun can hold up to 6 rubber bands at a time. Thanks to its clever ratcheting system and it's pump action, it can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. This rubber band launcher has a range of up to 20 feet, so you can pummel your target with rubber bands from a safe distance. And, speaking of rubber bands, the Bandit Gun comes with a pack of over 100 of them just to get you started.

Get your game started and create some rubber band chaos!

Features & specs:
- Dimensions: 15cm (6") x 11.5cm (4.5") x 2cm (0.75")
- Laser-cut plywood pieces easily come together for quick construction (no tools or glue required)
- Set comes with 100 spare rubber bands
- Can shoot up to 6m (20 feet)
- Ages 8+
- Made in the USA


Build Your Own Weapon of Mass Disturbance

The construction process of the Bandit Gun has been really well thought through in that it requires no glue or tools. All you have to do is stack the  plywood pieces on top of each other, in the correct order, then push a few binding bolts through the hole and you're done. The construction takes only about 10 minutes, but the play time with this toy is endless. The Bandit Gun's construction is extremely solid; it has no small parts that could break as you gun down your opponent. This is a quality toy.

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