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Magnetic Thinking Putty

Product Code: MAG-PUTTY
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Silly Putty by itself is okay, but when you give it magnetic properties it becomes truly AWESOME. Magnetic Thinking Putty can be stretched, bounced and torn like Silly Putty, but when exposed to a magnet it will display strange properties. How does it work? Well, the putty is infused with millions of super-tiny, magnetic particles. When you place the included strong ceramic magnet near or on the putty the real small magnets in the putty will naturally be drawn to it pulling the putty along with them. This awesome phenomenon allows you to control the Magnetic Thinking Putty like a snake charmer. Hours of fun are guaranteed.

Dimensions (metal container): 10.2 cm diameter and 3.5 cm tall
Putty weight: 90 grams
Includes strong ceramic magnet
Ages 8+
Made in the USA

Watch the Video

The World's Largest Magnetic Putty

In this video we put 5kgs (about 55 tins) of Magnetic Thinking Putty together with a VERY strong magnet.  Check it out, it is SUPER AWESOME!!!

Defy Gravity

The putty is infused with millions of micro, magnetic particles. These particles are what give the Magnetic Thinking Putty its strange attractive properties.

Make it come to life, pulling it in any direction with the included neodymium magnet. It's super fun!


Without a Magnet it Behaves Like Any Other Putty

Although Magnetic Thinking Putty is a few levels up from other putty it can still do all normal stuff, like: bouncing, stretching and ripping.


The Hungry Blob

If you put the magnet down next to your blob of putty it will slowly engulf the helpless magnet within a matter of minutes. Now you see it, now you don't. It's kinda freaky.

Please note: the magnet is easy to retrieve. All you need to do is dig around a bit in the putty and you will find it.


A Magnet in Itself

When you have "charged" the Putty with the included super-strong, neodymium, iron-boron magnet it will be able to pick up small, metal objects like paper clips and drawing pins.


Yeah, the Magnet is Included

Thinking Putty is a great toy, but it wouldn't be much without a magnet. That's why with each tin of Magnetic Thinking Putty we have included a super-strong magnet, making it a ready-to-play with gift as soon as its open.

So, put your money on the table and buy, buy, buy.


New Colours

Magnetic Thinking Putty now come in Blue and Pink.

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