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Air Swimmers - Amazing RC Flying Marine Life

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Air Swimmers have got to be one of the most unique R/C toys out there. They swim through the air with super life-like motions. The Air Swimmers are incredibly easy to fly that even children as young as five can control them. But don't be mistaken kids and adults of all ages will love them. Fill your Air Swimmer with helium at the nearest party store, florist shop, or any other store that carries balloons. Or buy your own helium tank and refill it as much as you like. The Air Swimmers' body is made from a high-quality, durable nylon material that will stay inflated for weeks and can be refilled over and over again. Choose from either the shark or the clownfish.

- Controller: Infra-red
- Remote Functions: climb, descend, and tail fin control
- Range: Up to 12 metres
- Length (with tail): 145 cm
- Height (with fins): 91.5 cm

Please note: Carefully read the instructions before assembling of the Air Swimmer.

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The Best Balloon this World has Ever Seen

Air Swimmers swim through the air as a fish would in water. The movements are so life like making it a blast to fly in the home, at the office or at any party or social gathering.

You have 360-degree control plus you can make your Air Fish dive and climb in the air with a touch of a button on the small infra-red remote.


Big Hunk of Awesomeness

When fully inflated Air Swimmers are big, like really big, like I drive a Hummer big, like over 1.5 meters long big!

Even through this beast is huge it is still easy to fly in small areas as well as big areas. Plus the bigger it is the bigger the scream will be when you float it up behind your unsuspecting friend (muahaha!).


Life-like Movement

The Air Swimmer moves like a real fish making it fun for spectators as well as the person who has the remote.

The movement of the tail is controlled by the right hand button on the remote. When you press the left hand side of this button the tail of the Air Swimmer swishes left and when you press the right hand side of the button the tail moves right. So to go forward you must press the left side and the the right, left side, right side, left right, left right and so on.

The other button on the remote controls the dive and climb actions.


Easily Control the Up/Down Movements

Each Air Swimmer comes with it own little slab of putty. Put a small amount of this putty into a compartment in the grey receiver on the under belly of the Air Swimmer.

You must get the amount of putty just right until the Air Swimmer neither floats up to the roof or sinks to the floor. (Perfect balance).

Once you have achieved the perfect balance controlling the altitude of this flying fish is easy, just use the Dive/Climb button on the remote. When you do so the ballast is moved along the rail under the Air Swimmer making the nose tilt up or down.


Rule the Skies

On a single fill of helium the Air Swimmer will keep a float for up to two weeks. When your Air Fish begins to sag over time you can extend its life by blowing a few breaths of air into it. The Air Swimmer is reusable so you can refill it over and over again.

The Air Swimmer take four AAA batteries (one for the fish and three for the remote). It can be flown non stop for over four hours! Then just replace the one battery that is in the the fish and fly it for another four hours.

With it's long life and long flight time the Air Swimmer is truly hours of fun for the whole family, but not the cats they hate 'em.


Refill Your Flying Fish

Air Swimmers can refilled over and over again.

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