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Ferrofluid in a Bottle - The Utterly Addictive Magnetic Liquid

Product Code: FERROFLUID
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Ferrofluid is an amazing a liquid that responds to a magnet in most bizarre ways.

At first you might think, "Oh whoop-de-doo, magnets in a bottle", but once you place one of the included magnets on the side of the bottle the Ferrofluid comes to life and turns into a spiky ball.

Ferrofluid is made up of thousands of nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in what is know as a carrier fluid (boy do I sound brainy).  These tiny iron particles are drawn to the magnet and pull the carrier fluid along with them.  Ferrofluid is an actual, visual representation of the action of magnetism.

Ferrofluid is quite possibly the weirdest thing I have ever seen.  With the magnet you can spike the nano-particles into a clump, toss it around, make it dance. If you slam it against the side of the glass bottle and pull the magnet away suddenly the Ferrofluid will explode into hundreds of tiny globules that can be pulled together again into one mass by using the magnet. 

Ferrofluid in a Bottle makes a great interactive display that will look awesome on your desk or coffee table. Everyone will enjoy playing with it.


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  • Dimensions (bottle): 3.75" (9.5cm) x 1"(2.5cm) x 2.125" (5.4cm)
  • Includes two neodymium magnets
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Ages 17+


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