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Flex, connect, build, play - JOINK!

Colorfully constructed, brilliantly designed, Joinks engage the fingers and mind in a fantastic building experience.

Fun to say, and even better to play, Joinks attracts inventors of all ages. From playroom to universities, toddler to teacher, simple to complex, Joinks designs are wide and diverse.

Wooden dowels join easily with quality 100% silicone connectors. One simple push and the dowels sit tight for a secure fit. Time for de-construction? One simple pull and "POP" the silicone slides off with a delightful sound.

Curious building has found its match. Innovative building has arrived!

One look at the colorful pieces and hands start grabbing. Joinks connectors reach out in all directions - one, two, three, four and even FIVE prong connecting pieces conform creativity to your definition.

Connecting prongs bend and flex for customized construction. Silly creatures, expressive forms, 3D geometric shapes, chemistry and molecular models, irregular structures... easily add, remove or swap sticks.

Bend them into place, Joinks are eager to please and flex quickly to your every whim.


Bend the rules of building as you flex, connect, and extend with Joinks! Made from flexible connectors and wooden sticks, you'll be constructing all kinds of creative structures that bouncewiggle and move!

Colorful, chunky and super-flexible, Joinks connectors are made from silicone and make construction simple with ever-expanding possibilities. Just add the wooden sticks and you'll REALLY “flex” your building muscles. Use the suction cups to secure your structure as you build. Add a finishing touch on your creation with the geometrically-inspired spheres.

Easy enough for a toddler and complex enough for a chemist, Joinks get the brain flexing, connecting, expanding and building!


Ages 3+


10 - 3” sticks
15 - 5” sticks
12 – 8” sticks
6 Double Connectors
8 Triad Connectors
10 Quad Connectors
5 Quint Connectors
6 Suction Cup Connectors
4 GeoSpheres

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