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What Makes Us Rad!

We Thoroughly Test ALL Our Toys

That's right, before we add a new toy to our website, we take samples and play with them to our hearts' content. We just call it testing so it sounds like we're working. Yeah, I know what you're thinking and the answer is 'yes' - we get paid to play with toys. Living the dream!

One of the advantages of playing... oops, I mean testing all our toys, is that we know them back to front. So all the descriptions we write, photos we take and videos we make are based off our honest experience of playing with the toy.The bottom line is that you can trust us. We know our stuff.


We Only Sell The Best

There are millions of different kinds of toys that can be sourced from all over the world and it would take you at least three life times to find them all. Here at Simply Clever Toys, we spend OUR life times finding only the best toys so you don't have to. What a great service to humanity!

Now, on a more serious note. When we say 'best', we mean toys that are interesting, have a 'wow' factor to them and make you say, "Hey, that's awesome!" We like to specialise in toys that aren't so mainstream.


We have Top Notch Customer Service

At Simply Clever Toys we know the importance of looking after our customers, so, since you guys are the people who keep us in business we see it as our duty to treat you well. You can see our dedication and loyalty by just looking at this picture below.

If you have a problem, we will fix it. If you have a question, we will answer it. We will try our best to make you happy. At Simply Clever Toys the customer is number one.


We Don't Just Sell Stuff, We Entertain

I don't know about you, but we really hate it when online shops list their products with one boring photo and a measly two line description. We believe that buying online should be a fun experience. That's why we always try to inject a bit of humour into our marketing. Yes, we will try to sell you stuff, but we'll try to make you laugh in the process. Just watch one of our awesome product videos and you'll see what we mean.


We Create our Own Videos, Photos and Descriptions

As I said before, we hate it when online stores fail to fully describe their products - so we went all out. Not only do we write our own descriptions, but we do our own photography and even make our own product videos. We give you enough information (in a fun way) that you will know the product well BEFORE you buy it.