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Hubsan Mini Quadcopter 2.0 - The Ultimate 4 Propeller RC Aircraft

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Quadcopter drones are the RC aircraft of the future. With their four propellers they are so stable and are able to make the most precise movement that they are used for filming and and indoor/outdoor scouting. Quadcopter technology is so darn cool, yet so darn expensive... Or at least that is until now...,

Introducing the Hubsan Mini Quadcopter. This puppy has all the awesome features of a Quadcopter drone but at a fraction of the cost. Yay! The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter is small, but in no way lacking. It can perform front flips, back flips and barrel rolls which is actually more than most quadricopters do. In "Expert" mode it can fly up to speeds of over 30km/h yet at the same time can make the most precise movements required for indoor flying.

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter has got to be one of my most favourite toys to test and trust me I have tested a lot of toys (it's my job). It will make a perfect gift for any guy over the age of 14. Seriously this thing is pure awesomeness!


- Stable and speedy Quadcopter
- Self-stabilising CPU
- Full Gyro Control
- 50+ metre flight range
- Can perform mid-air flips and barrel rolls
- USB Charging Port
- Two Modes - Beginner and Expert
- Flight Time: 8-10 minutes
- Charge Time: 30 minutes

Package Includes:
- Hubsan Quadcopter 2.0
- Remote control
- 1x battery
- 1x set of spare rotors
- USB charger.


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Can be Flown Anywhere

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter is amazing to fly. It can be flown indoors because it's small and can make the most precise movements. It can also be flown outside. It's fast and the radio control gives it a big range.


Black, Fast and Precise Movements, This Thing is Practically Ninja

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter can make the most precise movements in any direction. You can take it up/down, forward/backward, turn 360 degrees while hovering in a stationary position. It can also move left and right without changing the direction it's facing.

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter can easily be flown in tight spaces. In the picture below we were able to fly it through one of the stocking shelves in our warehouse.


The Tiny Acrobat of the Sky

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter has two mode settings that you access by pressing down the right hand joystick on the remote. In Beginner Mode (recommended for indoor use) the Quadcopter moves at a slower top speed and cannot perform tricks. In Expert Mode (only for use outdoors) the Hubsan Mini Quadcopter can move ridiculously fast and can perform front flips, back flips and left and right barrel rolls. Totally awesome.

To perform a front flip the quadcopter must be moving forward. Now all you've got to do is move the right hand joystick on the remote down and up as quickly as you can. The quadcopter is programmed to interpret this movement on the remote control as a front flip and so it does just that, a front flip. It is kind of like a combo-move on a computer fighting game.


Go far, Go Fast

Since the Hubsan Mini Quadcopter has a massive range of about 50m this means that it can easily be flown up to 50+ meters above your head and yes siree that is high.

As well as being able to fly insanely high it can also move insanely fast. Although we have not properly tested it the Hubsan Mini Quadcopter seems to easily travel at speeds of 30km and more! Yes, that is very, very fast for a little guy like this Quadcopter. What it lacks in size it makes up for in power and fun.


Small and Stylish

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter measures in at 8cm (3.1") long, 8cm (3.1") wide and 3cm (1.2") high. Seriously, this guy is tiny and stylish! This RC aircraft sports a sleek black design with white racing stripes and two blue LEDs for eyes. The rotors at the front are white so you can easily tell which way you are flying.


Charge Via USD

The Hubsan Mini Quadcopter comes with a USB so you can conveniently charge it from your computer or any USB port. It takes about 30 minutes to fully charge.

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