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Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty

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Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty possesses the ability to actually change colour. No Joke! This putty is thermo chromic which means it changes colour when heated or cooled. This means that Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty will change colour when you play with it because of the heat of your hands.

Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty has a "cold" colour and a "hot" colour. When it is at or below room temperature it will be in its "cold" colour state, but once it begins to warm up the putty will change to its "hot" colour. This amazing phenomenon allows you to perform all sorts of cool tricks like leave a different coloured hand print in the putty or heat up only one half of the putty then twist them together to make a multi-coloured braid.

Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty can be transformed from purple to hot pink, from dark blue to bright blue, dark forest green to apple green or orange to yellow! This phenomenon is truly amazing and will keep you busy bouncing, stretching and ripping it for hours.


- Can change colour
- Bounce it, stretch it and rip it
- Never dries out
- Comes with 90g (3.2oz) of putty
- Comes packed in a cool looking tin
- Nontoxic
- Made in the USA
- For ages 6+



It REALLY Does Change Colour

The feature that makes Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty special is it's ability to actually change colour.

Each Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty comes in two colour variants - it's "cold" colour and it's "hot" colour. In the pictures below you can see the two contrasting colours each putty possesses. There has been no trick photography or computer editing done to these pictures. All we did was stick half of the ball of putty into a glass of warm water to transform it to it's "hot" colour.


Changes Colour When you Play with it

Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty is very sensitive that it will change colour just from the heat of your hands when you play with it. Depending on how hot your hands are Heat Sensitive Thinking Putty can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes to change colour.


Change Colour Instantly

If you are like us and want to see the putty change colour immediately then just grab a mug and fill it with warm water. Then press the putty up against the side of the mug and within seconds the putty will change colour. Totally cool.


Bounces, Rips and Stretches just like 'Regular' Putty

This chameleon-like putty is all about fun, fidgeting and play so of course it can bounce, rip and stretch just like it should.



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