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IQ Twist - Twist Your Brain Inside Out

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The IQ Twist is a one player puzzle that will tie your brain into knots. Whether you are a beginner at puzzles (like me) or you are a compete wiz at them IQ Twist is the thing for you. It contains 100 different puzzles ranging from "My dog could do that easy" to "I wish I was related to Einstein hard!"

To solve the puzzles you must fit all eight pieces on the board. "Meh" You say, "How hard can it be?" But wait, there's a twist (pun intended)! Keep reading to find out.

IQ Twist comes in a very sturdy and portable carry case which makes it great for brain snacking while on the go.


100 different puzzles
Multiple levels of difficulty
Sturdy carry case
Perfect size travel or on-the-go play
Ages 7+

Step 1: Choose from 100 Different Puzzles

To start playing select a puzzle from the included booklet.

As you can see in the picture below the diagrams show where you must place the coloured pegs.


Step 2: Place the Pegs

Once you have chosen the puzzle you would like to do, set the coloured pegs up as shown in the booklet.


Cover All the Pegs

Here's the twist. To win the game all the pegs must be covered by the same coloured pieces. Red on red, green on green, blue on blue, you get the idea. The peg must stick through one of the hollow areas on the peg.


Step 3: Fill the Board with the Other Pieces

To win you must fill the board with all eight pieces with the right colour on the right pegs. This may not sound like much, but this puzzle is quite fun to play.


The Multiple Levels Will Challenge (and Haunt) You for Years to Come

There are five different levels in IQ Twist: Starter - very easy, Junior (easy), Expert (hard), Master (really hard) and Wizard (insanely hard!). In other words IQ Twist will own you! Seriously!


You Can Cheat

That's right! If you get stuck on one of the puzzles the booklet contains all the solutions for the puzzles in the back.


Great for Brain Snacking on the Go

IQ Twist is super compact and the whole unit (including the booklet which stores in the lid) can fit in your pocket. If you have children or know children (or adults for that matter) who get travel boredom buy the IQ Twist today.

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