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About Us

Simply Clever Toys is an online toy store based on a simple idea; to sell the best toys in the world.

Our Story

The Dawson brothers began Simply Clever Toys in 2010. It all began when Matt received an RC helicopter for his birthday. He liked it so much he brought a dozen and began reselling them online. After a couple of months Jacob began to see how successful Matthew was becoming with selling his RC helicopters and so naturally wanted in, they combined their money and resources and Simply Clever Toys was officially born.

After 4 years of running and building a successful business Jacob and Matthew deicided they were ready to try new ideas and decided to sell Simply Clever Toys which was purchased and a new company was formed to run and build Simply Clever Toys.

Simply Clever Toys continues to grow and we will keep working to bring you more of what you love - "fantastic unique toys at great prices" and continually improve our service. We will be adding new products to the website and new videos to our YouTube Channel.

If you have any ideas on how we can improve in any way, if you have seen or heard of any products that you think we should sell or if you have a great idea or product that you would like us to help you get to market or sell please get in touch via email, fill out a contact form or phone.

Also, check out our funny  What Make Us Rad Page where you will find 5 great reasons why you should buy from us.