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Creepy Animal Masks - Get Your Creep On

Product Code: ANIMAL-MASKS
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The Creepy Animal Masks are latex masks that are... well... creepy!

Designed to fit an adults head these Creepy Animal Masks can be worn by anyone anywhere.  Imagine turning up to the office, birthday or social gathering in one of these. Quite frankly the possibilities and practical jokes are endless.

The Creepy Animal mask come in five different animal types: Horse, Unicorn, Pigeon, Squirrel and Pug Dog. Buy the head piece that suits you and get ready to stand out of the crowd at you next social function.



  • Awesomely creepy
  • Made of Latex
  • One size fits all
  • Will get you noticed anywhere


Note:  The Pug and the Squirrel will be available in Feburary.



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