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3 Man Chess - Clever Round Chess Board That Allows 3 Players

Product Code: 3-MAN-CHESS
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$49.95 USD $10.00 USD

3 Man Chess allows you to play Chess with three people without compromising ANY of the rules, strategies, or competitive challenges that make Chess the best board game in the world.

There are a few variations from conventional Chess. The first and most noticeable is that it is played on a round board instead of a square.  This makes for some seriously unique game play and brilliant new sneak attacks.  For example, pieces that move sideways can now move in a complete circle. Pieces can also pass through the middle of the board to the squares on the other side.  If the path is clear, a diagonal move follows the guide lines starting from the outer rank passing through the center and sweeping back around to where it originated.  Please notice that the trajectory lines are simply visual aids to help guide diagonal moves passing through the center.

Having a third player really takes Chess to the next level.  For example, your opponent may not want to take your piece because its position on the board benefits him.  But how long can it last? This scenario may exist all over the board.  There are multiple trust and doubt situations between all players.  An unexpected move might well result in a cascading massacre.  Defence is crucial since a diagonal move through the center, or a horizontal move around the center can sneak up behind you. A player can be checkmated by a combination of both the other players or ultimately one player can checkmate both other players at the same time.

Anyone who likes Chess will love 3 Man Chess.  Plus you will never have that annoying third person who always hangs around commenting on every move and telling you what they would have done instead.  Yeah!

A Few Important Rules

  • To stop the massacre of Rooks at the beginning of the game each player’s pieces are separated by “moats that cannot be crossed.”
  • Pieces cannot land in the middle circle, only pass through.



  • Play with three players instead of just two
  • New intensely complex and fascinating strategy
  • Comes with a foldable board, three complete sets of Chess pieces and instructions


The Round Board Makes for Some Awsome Game Play

Just Like Chess, but With Three Players



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