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About Us

In Brief

Simply Clever Toys is an online toy store based on a simple idea; to sell the best toys in the world.

Our Story

I (Jacob) and my brother, Matthew, began Simply Clever Toys way back in 2010 when we were 16 and 14 respectively. It all began when Matt received an RC helicopter for his birthday. He liked it so much he brought a dozen into the country and began reselling them on a local auction site called TradeMe. After a couple of months I began to see how successful Matthew was becoming with selling his RC 'copters and so naturally I wanted in. We combined our money and resources and Simply Clever Toys was officially born.

Our first big break came when we hired a stand at a model and toy expo called Model X. We did incredibly well there and sold almost all our stock. With the new found capital Matt and I were able to hire a web developer to make us our first website, and thus Simply Clever Toys joined the .com movement.

Also, check out our funny  What Make Us Rad Page where you will find 5 great reasons why you should buy from us.

Look!  We were so little!!!

A Little Bit About Jacob

Enjoys: Mountain Biking, Trail Running & singing

Hates: Tomatoes (yet loves tomato sauce)

Skills: Artist, writer & legendary tea drinker

Little Known Fact: Once I did a cartwheel in the middle of the mall. I know, right, what a rebel.

A Little Bit About Matthew

Enjoys: Filming & Coding

Hates: Pine Nuts (like seriously, I think he would rather walk over hot coals than eat one of these bad boys)

Skills: Plays the Ukulele, Photoshop Wizard & can baa like a goat

Little Known Fact: Has a twin sister named Esther who is the same age as him